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Pilates Specialist

Pre & Post Natal Specialist

Pelvic Floor Training

TRX Specialist


'Preventative' Physical Training 

Nutrition Specialist


Senior Specific Training

Post Surgery Recovery


In Studio Training


Colwood Location &

Sooke Location

30 mins  ~  $40

45 mins  ~  $50

60 mins  ~  $65

60 mins ~ $75 (2 people)

Using tools like the TRX, Bosu, Resistance Bands, Pilates Balls and your own body to build core Strength, Balance, Agility, Flexibility, Body Awareness and Confidence. In turn, to be able to perform daily tasks with ease and prevent injury.

In home Training


Private Session 60 mins  ~  $95

Functional Fitness Classes

(all levels - your location) 

30 mins ~ $45

45 mins ~ $60

I will safely guide you through a workout consisting of Full Body Strength, Pilates Fusion, Core Balance and Flexibility. Individualized for all levels.

In Studio Classes

Colwood and Sooke Location  

60 mins  ~  $25/pp

Personalized group classes of 3 

* Pilates Reformer 

* Core Pilates Fusion 

* Full Body Strength and Stretch

* Mommy Bootcamp (with baby)

* Flexibility and Core Activation

30 Min Online Classes

Functional Fitness (all levels)

Tues & Thurs @  6pm ~ $15/class

A mix of functional movements incorporating Pilates and Pure Body Strength with any home equipment you have or just using your own body!

Email me for the zoom link! 

Online Personal Training



30 mins  ~  $35

45 mins  ~  $45

60 mins  ~  $55

Personalized Program




Personalized workout routine to follow based on your needs and goals. Whether it be in the gym or at home.

Paula T.

"She reminded me that, if I was going to feel the benefits, I had to build a mindful connection with my body. I got the results I wanted because Charlotte taught me how. I am now equipped to continue living as a much healthier and happier person.” 

John T.

"We have been training online since 2020. Her corrections of my performance are equally appreciated. She’s careful, she listens well and she tailors the session to my abilities and goals. She is also creative in working around the limitations of my home equipment." 

Lorrie B.

"Charlotte quickly identified my body’s quirks and after just a few action-packed sessions, my mind-body connection is stronger and I can really feel the difference. Now I know why so many people rely on this amazing coach … she is darn good!”


Charlotte has been certified since 2000 as a personal trainer. She is a mind-body warrior, with an understanding of how neural pathways in the brain can optimally energize muscles throughout the body. She engages clients to be more mindfully aware of their body, daily movements, diet and lifestyle habits, and to accept wherever they are on their wellness path first. Personal sessions have a strong focus on core functional training, a balanced diet and a healthy mindset; everything you need to be your best you.



'I encourage my clients to challenge themselves in finding creative ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives – ultimately, to connect with confidence and thrive with a positive and healthy mindset'. 

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